Leave Amazon Alone

The argument that Trump makes against Amazon is ridiculous. “In 2012, Amazon began collecting and paying state taxes in California. Since April 2017, Amazon has collected sales taxes in all states that levy one. Additionally, in its latest annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon said it paid $957 million in income taxes […]


Cutting Ties With the NRA

Amazement continues to wash over me almost daily as more corporations take a humane, moral, and common sense stance on gun control in America by cutting ties with the NRA. *NOTEJust to make things clear, the 2nd Amendment includes the words “well regulated” militia. No matter how one defines “well regulated,” remember that when those […]


Political Opportunists

Two school shootings in Kentucky in two days. After the massacre in Las Vegas, Kentucky’s Governor, Matt Bevin, posted on Twitter, labeling those concerned about strengthening and enforcing our gun laws as “political opportunists.” Today, Gov. Bevin and the state of Kentucky are dealing with back to back school shootings that occurred Monday and Tuesday. […]


Practice turning people into trees

Taking a lesson from nature as food for thought this Sunday. I love this lesson from Ram Dass… When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and […]


Medicare Caps on Therapy for 2018

There are new Medicare caps on therapy for 2018. Medicare 2018 Caps –   Outpatient therapy caps: For occupational therapy, the cap is $2,010. For physical therapy and speech-language pathology combined, it’s also $2,010. Details:… You can apply for extensions in some circumstances. © 2018 Sandra Cobb,


Living Blue in a Red State

If you’re a Democrat living in the south, your are most likely living Blue in a Red state. If you speak out about issues, values, and equality, you are quite often met with scowls, slurs, and vile insults – even from your family and friends. I salute all of you who join me in this […]

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Why do white women support and vote for morally bankrupt men

When I was young, I was warned to be particular about what I wore, because how I looked might trigger bad behavior from men. When I was young, I was warned about whom I should trust, because boys and men were never to be trusted alone with members of the opposite sex. When rape, sexual […]

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Beware of any political party who seeks to limit access to higher education

Beware of any political party who seeks to limit access to higher education… Here’s the headline and story, and actions that I am referring to: “The GOP bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, introduced by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) on Friday, would eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which erases student debt for […]

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Trump Blames Schumer for Diversity Visa Program

Are politicians and the media truly surprised and uninformed (or misinformed) about the Diversity Visa Program? Or are they feigning surprise to further the drama surrounding the story they wish to tell? I, a voting citizen, NOT a politician or elected official, knew about the Diversity Visa Program prior to yesterday. I also know that […]


Wall Street Wins Again

Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote Tuesday night to repeal a rule that made it easier for Americans to sue their banks and credit card companies.  Senators passed the measure by a vote of 51-50, handing Wall Street its first major win since President Donald Trump took office in January.       […]


Mad at God – Me Too

Interesting. Bill O’Reilly is ‘mad at God’ about all of those pesky sexual misconduct allegations. Well Bill, we’re mad at God too, for allowing sexual misconduct. Mad at god – Me Too.   O’Reilly blames this recent problem on his assumption of his success. I didn’t know anything about his online show or his book. […]


Sessions Has Questionable Opinions

As reported by in January of 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions believes that “separation of church and state” is unconstitutional. Furthermore, he believes it is a recent doctrine. It’s kind of funny, just looking at Sessions you (or I) come away with the feeling that he is probably harmless… but we all know looks […]


Contrived Rituals of Patriotism

Are you angry about the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem? Make sure you fill your regular pew this Sunday morning. Just be careful not to attend a service where they say things like “Love they neighbor as thyself,” because you might feel a tad uncomfortable. NO. Stay far away from those who speak […]