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Birth Certificate Not Fake

According to the AP the Supreme Court has refused to review the legitimacy of Obama’s birth in the US. I just wonder why it took so long to get this issue off the map. The state of Hawaii previously concluded that there is no doubt that Obama was born there. A birth announcement has even […]

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Jesus for President

I just read a pastor’s blog post on the “Jesus for President” authors who are now on tour. No, they are not advocating a sign-in vote for Jesus. This goes much deeper than that… “This whole project is about the political imagination of what it means to follow after Jesus,” Claiborne said. “The language of […]


Lyndon Johnson in 1954

Free Speech Attacked in 1954 Interesting bit of history that I wouldn’t remember because I was born in 1954. Lyndon Johnson was rumored to have won his senate seat by fraudulent votes in 1948. This earned him the nickname of “Landslide Lyndon.” Some things never change I guess. Who knew they were fighting over votes […]

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The latest numbers show that only 19 out of 1000 women have abortions. The statistics on abortions includes those that take the French abortion pill RU 486, now more commonly known as mifepristone. To put this number into perspective, I needed to find the actual population of women in the US. As of the 2002 […]

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Presidential candidates on health care

There are many important issues facing our presidential candidates. One of my top issues is their position on health care in the US. I am in favor of a universal health care plan deserving of the citizens of the richest nation on earth. So far, Chris Dodd (D) has the best health care plan IMO. […]

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President Bush Job Rating

So glad to see that America is waking up and smelling the decay of our government and freedoms. In a recent poll, President Bush’s job rating approval hit a new low at just 29 percent. That’s no surprise, everybody is always bashing Bush, which is sad. The good news is that people are starting to […]

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Stem Cell Research

This latest propaganda on stem cell research is just too much. Why do Americans, for the most part, believe everything they hear on TV? Facts – there are now nearly 400,000 frozen embryos available for research. Problem – many of these aren’t considered to be primo because of some experimentation with mice, etc, etc. Fact […]


Jimmy Carter

I love Jimmy Carter. Who wouldn’t? He is the best former President of my lifetime. BUT, he isn’t perfect, and he made mistakes, ’cause here’s a whopper of one – but I don’t hear the media BLASTING away at him as they would if this were a Republican… Seaspook’s Rants: Liberal Hypocrisy: “Former President Jimmy […]