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Free Speech for People or Groups

Should free speech, as it applies to campaign advertising and funding, be for people, or for groups and associations of people, which would include organizations and corporations? Apparently, 5 justices of our Supreme Court believe that it should include groups and not just individuals. However, how can they justify the fact that many of “we […]

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Health Reform Facts

The health reform plan that the senate panel has approved for presentation to the full house and senate is not as bad as many people would have us believe. In fact, I think it’s the best plan so far. I am tired of so many people telling me what it’s going to do, which is […]

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Use the band-aid

America needs a miracle, but all we have is band-aids, so USE the band-aid! Yesterday I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Republicans… they were claiming to be cooperating when it was perfectly obvious to the majority of Americans that they were simply playing bipartisan politics as usual. The stimulus package – money […]

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Burned out on blogging, or politics?

Burned out on blogging, or just burned out on politics? You probably haven’t noticed but I didn’t post for over a month. Matter of fact, I didn’t even spend much time reading other blogs. Why? That is the question I’ve been pondering. I would think about logging in, but when I went over to the […]

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Postpone the debate

Both presidential candidates should be in Washington doing their “current” job. I’ve been wondering all week when they were going to step up to the plate. McCain is finally stepping up. I can’t fault Obama though. Obviously he has no pull or clout in the Senate, so why waste his time just being in attendance? […]


Leaning towards McCain

The Independent voter (me) is leaning towards the McCain Palin ticket for many reasons, TRUST, CHARACTER and INTEGRITY being among the top criteria. As for experience, who, really tell me who, is ever experienced enough to be President? Experience is not on my list of criteria. Was George Washington experienced? Yes, I know he was […]

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More gas – now

The US has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve known as SPR. It is the world’s largest supply of crude oil which is kept in case of an emergency shortage of oil. It was started after the oil embargo of 1973-74. When needed, as in the aftermath of Katrina, the oil reserves are sold to US markets. […]

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Who do you hate?

Who do YOU hate? McCain or Obama or both? Newsflash! You don’t have to hate one candidate just because you “love” another candidate. We’re not in grammar school any more. Please, if you do hate one of them, I do NOT really want to know. I’m so frustrated from reading posts by bloggers, who rather […]

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incendiary remarks

Incendiary remarks – fiery rhetoric Both phrases have the same meaning, but I have been fascinated by the sudden onslaught of the phrase “incendiary remarks” by journalists around the world regarding Jeremiah Wright’s speeches from the pulpit. Notice I call them speeches and not sermons. The only thing his speeches have in common with sermons […]