James Dobson


How long will Christians continue to listen to utter nonsense voiced by self-professed leaders such as James Dobson? Apparently, and HOPEFULLY, not much longer. This week, James Dobson attacked a speech made by Obama in 2006. Dobson claimed that Obama “deliberately” distorted the Bible “to fit his own worldview — his own confused theology.” HOGWASH! […]

incendiary remarks


Incendiary remarks – fiery rhetoric Both phrases have the same meaning, but I have been fascinated by the sudden onslaught of the phrase “incendiary remarks” by journalists around the world regarding Jeremiah Wright’s speeches from the pulpit. Notice I call them speeches and not sermons. The only thing his speeches have in common with sermons […]

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

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Obama’s speech was just unbelievable. How could you compare your relationship with a pastor who has radical views supposedly unlike your own, to your tolerance of your beloved grandmother’s views? I have walked out of a few church services in my time when the pastor abused the authority of the pulpit. The authority of the […]