Our Aging Americans


Addresing healthcare for our ever growing geriatric population… A friend of mine was stressed this past week as her elderly Father had several complications from heart surgery, then gallbladder surgery. I could relate well, having lost my own Mother to a series of events following one heart related trauma. She passed away after 6 weeks […]

US Doctors in favor of universal health care


I always wanted to believe that doctors actually cared about people’s health, and now my faith has been restored. Dr. Aaron Carroll of the Indiana University School of Medicine recently conducted a survey regarding universal health care and found that more than half of today’s doctors are in favor of it. “As doctors, we find […]

Hillary’s Healthcare Plan


The mandate is that everyone must have insurance, that’s all. Even Obama likes it.. “I commend Senator Clinton for her health care proposal,” said Obama in a statement. “It’s similar to the one I put forth last spring, though my universal health care plan would go further in reducing the punishing cost of health care […]

Poor people with cancer

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Apparently those who make decisions concerning healthcare for the poor never actually talk to anyone who is poor. Apparently they never talk to people who work in emergency rooms either. I say this because they have just released a study declaring and proving what I have known to be true for years… the poor don’t […]

Rush attacks Chelsea


Everyone who speaks for a candidate is fair game for the media. Even Chelsea. However, mocking a person’s choice of words is more than a little immature. It brought to mind the neighborhood bully/idiot who because he could not think of anything to say, no come-back whatsoever, would spew out the same words he just […]

Health Care in Canada


FYI: Canada proudly has one of the highest life expectancies (about 80 years) and lowest infant mortality rates of industrialized countries, which many attribute to Canada’s health care system. Canada’s health care system is a group of socialized health insurance plans that provides coverage to all Canadian citizens. It is publicly funded and administered on […]

Presidential candidates on health care


There are many important issues facing our presidential candidates. One of my top issues is their position on health care in the US. I am in favor of a universal health care plan deserving of the citizens of the richest nation on earth. So far, Chris Dodd (D) has the best health care plan IMO. […]

Living Longer


I hear it all the time – we’re living longer. Guess what? “A baby born in the United States in 2004 will live an average of 77.9 years. That life expectancy ranks 42nd, down from 11th two decades earlier, according to international numbers provided by the Census Bureau and domestic numbers from the National Center […]