Facebook contributes to eating disorders


Interesting mix of not so useful news today, beginning with teens who text have better literacy skills. That’s nice. In Israel, they have concluded after a study that FaceBook contributes to eating disorders among their teen girls. Really? Forget about the magazines, television shows, commercials, billboards, movies and rock stars…. it’s all FaceBook’s fault. That’s […]

My Only True Vice Was Smoking


If you know me well, you know these things about me… I don’t drink I don’t do drugs I don’t gamble I don’t swear I don’t sleep around I don’t even buy lottery tickets My only true vice has been smoking cigarettes.And now I don’t do that. I have been without a cigarette for a […]

Wakefield – Autism – Lancet

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I’ve read many articles over the years which referred to Wakefield’s research linking Autism to MMR Vaccinations. They alarmed me, as they did many parents. I did have my child vaccinated in spite of the research, but I did not do it according to schedule. I waited much longer before I began the series of […]

Swine Flu

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This first part is an update on swine flu from the post I did yesterday. According to “some” experts, NO flu vaccines work anyway, so if you don’t usually take the flu vaccine, you probably have nothing to worry about. Here’s part of the story: If vaccines really worked to save lives, then the more […]

Things Change


There was once a fellow who was running around town gasping for breath, his eyes bulging out. This went on for a while until he finally decided that he needed to see a doctor. He went to a doctor, who examined him thoroughly. When the doctor finished his examination, he looked at his patient sadly […]

FDA Publishes Problem Drugs on Web

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As of yesterday, September 5th, the FDA has finally posted a page at their website listing the top 20 potentially harmful drugs in compliance with a bill passed by Congress last year forcing them to report potentially unsafe drugs to consumers. Problem is, the percentages of people affected are not listed. So you don’t know […]

Ultimate Tea Diet


Wulong Tea or oolong tea – have you heard of it? Apparently I’m out of the loop on this one, but supposedly it can help you lose weight. It’s been covered on Good Morning America and other TV shows, but I missed it. According to Angela Chang at ColonZone.com, who suggests you start with 7 […]

New Treatments for Depression


This first new treatment for depression is still in trials, but if you’re desperate, you might can get into a clinical trial. It sounds too risky to me, but only time will tell. Option 1 requires surgery.Option 2 uses magnetsOption 3 also requires surgery and is approved by the FDAOption 4 is the once dreaded […]

A Doctor Comments


Browsing throught the Wall Street Journal Health Blog today I came across a comment posted by a doctor and thought it definitely worthy of posting here. It’s time we got a glimpse into the thoughts of our doctors concerning the deterioration of affordable health care in the US. PBS found some interesting data that would […]

Calcium Supplement

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A recent study in New Zealand suggests that calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attacks in older females. Here we go again… Let’s debunk this research (it’s so easy to do)… First of all, we are not told what type of calcium supplement was taken. Was it just calcium? This would be important […]