Home Remedies for Skin Rashes


Having been plagued with allergic skin rashes for over a year now, I can safely say that I have tried just about every home remedy known to man, including the ones listed in the linked article below. All of them work in varying degrees. Since my skin rashes are due to allergies, I have not […]

Benefits of Ginger


I’ve been drinking a hot cup of ginger tea daily for about two weeks now. My recipe varies depending on my mood. I use organic powdered ginger, organic powdered cinnamon, lemon juice, organic raw honey and water.Some days I leave out the cinnamon, other days I leave out the ginger. The important thing is keep […]

Blood Types and Brain Function


I remember a few years ago there were some articles circulating that said your blood type could affect your ability to lose weight. I think that idea pretty much fizzled out. Now, scientific research is showing a link between blood types and brain function. The article was published in Scientific American, so it can be […]

AMAZING benefits of Ginger Root


  Learn the AMAZING benefits of Ginger Root! Personal experience with ginger root about 2 years ago… I placed a tiny slice of ginger root on my daughter’s palm to help heal a fairly deep puncture wound that was refusing to close up and heal.I then placed a bandage over the slice of ginger root […]

Another Look at Stress


It’s been a stressful year for many people, that was preceded by another stressful year, and many are already stressing about what next year will bring. Tired of Stress Some of us even worry about the negative effects of stress, which creates more stress. Meet Kelly McGonigal, PhD, health psychologist, author, lecturer at Stanford, and […]

Cause Versus Association


You’ve just entered a room where a person has been murdered. There is a person standing over the body, holding the smoking gun. This is a puzzle of cause versus association. There’s no doubt that the person died of a gunshot wound (cause), but was the fatal bullet fired from that particular gun? If that […]

Surviving High Cholesterol


I’ve dealt with the perils of high cholesterol since I was 30. My LDL (bad) levels tend to go up about a hundred points with every decade of my age. Well, until now, I hope. I actually haven’t had it checked since shortly after it reached 400. No insurance and no money for doctors, you […]

Mint Pouch Helps Smokers Stop Smoking


Mint snuff is receiving some wonderful testimonials from cigarette smokers. Many have combined the pouches with the use of the patch to successfully end their smoking habit and improve their health. With oral cancers, throat cancer and others that are associated with dipping, chewing and smoking, this product is a much welcomed alternative that can […]

Facebook contributes to eating disorders


Interesting mix of not so useful news today, beginning with teens who text have better literacy skills. That’s nice. In Israel, they have concluded after a study that FaceBook contributes to eating disorders among their teen girls. Really? Forget about the magazines, television shows, commercials, billboards, movies and rock stars…. it’s all FaceBook’s fault. That’s […]

My Only True Vice Was Smoking


If you know me well, you know these things about me… I don’t drink I don’t do drugs I don’t gamble I don’t swear I don’t sleep around I don’t even buy lottery tickets My only true vice has been smoking cigarettes.And now I don’t do that. I have been without a cigarette for a […]

Wakefield – Autism – Lancet

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I’ve read many articles over the years which referred to Wakefield’s research linking Autism to MMR Vaccinations. They alarmed me, as they did many parents. I did have my child vaccinated in spite of the research, but I did not do it according to schedule. I waited much longer before I began the series of […]