Where is War Money Coming From

Congress continues to focus the general public on the make believe problem of not having enough money to spend on the poor, the elderly, the sick and the homeless. Yet we continue to hear about their plans to send money to other countries, especially money for wars, ammunition, and the military. Where is everyone’s common […]

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Biblical Principles for Voting

For those searching the Bible for Biblical principles on voting in this presidential election… The Bible says:  Abortion or inflicted miscarriage is not considered murder.  Aliens deserve the same laws as everyone else – illegal or not.  We should be good stewards of the planet – so go green!   We are most Godlike when […]

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Before Sushi went Global

I’ll admit it, I still have not tried Sushi. My daughter loves it, and I intend to give it a try one day soon. I feel rather behind the times. I guess it’s because I didn’t grow up with even the word Sushi, much less the eating of the raw blue fin tuna. The globalization […]

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Who Shops on Black Friday?

Half of CNN’s readers do NOT shop on Black Friday I was checking the news on and saw the top 10 deals for Black Friday. I don’t shop on Black Friday, and haven’t done so in over 15 years. They also have a poll asking how much people will spend on black Friday, with […]

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First time home buyers tax credit

There’s so much information and mis-information going around about the first time buyer’s house tax credit, that I thought I would list the facts, as they stand right now. Currently, the tax credit is for first time home buyers. The purchased home must be closed on between January 1, 2009 and December 1, 2009. (A […]

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Use the band-aid

America needs a miracle, but all we have is band-aids, so USE the band-aid! Yesterday I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Republicans… they were claiming to be cooperating when it was perfectly obvious to the majority of Americans that they were simply playing bipartisan politics as usual. The stimulus package – money […]

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Laid Off Chicago Workers Occupy Plant

The laid-off workers hoisted placards saying, “Bank of America: You got bailed out. We got sold out.” I saw this story on one of the cable news networks, but could only find it online at Reuters. The TV version had a brief interview with one of the workers who was asking people to take their […]

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Postpone the debate

Both presidential candidates should be in Washington doing their “current” job. I’ve been wondering all week when they were going to step up to the plate. McCain is finally stepping up. I can’t fault Obama though. Obviously he has no pull or clout in the Senate, so why waste his time just being in attendance? […]

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More gas – now

The US has a Strategic Petroleum Reserve known as SPR. It is the world’s largest supply of crude oil which is kept in case of an emergency shortage of oil. It was started after the oil embargo of 1973-74. When needed, as in the aftermath of Katrina, the oil reserves are sold to US markets. […]

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Republicans launch new site

Today launches not only a new site for the Republican party, but also a new day – one which should have arrived much earlier. You can now tell the Republican party exactly what you think, and hopefully have some positive dialogue addressing platform issues. You don’t have to be a Republican to participate, but be […]

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McCain Waking Up

Finally, McCain shows not only some interest in the economy, specifically the high price of gas, but he is actually coming up with some incentives to help move us out of this horrible era in the history of oil… PHOENIX (Reuters) – John McCain will push on Monday for car makers to build more environmentally […]


Surges, Spikes and Sinks

It’s 4pm Eastern time and yet today has already proven to be a day of shocking extremes that have negative effects on our already declining economic situation. Oil has surged another $11 May’s jobless rate spiked to 5.5%, the largest monthly spike in 20 years. Once Wall Street heard the news, the Dow sank 300 […]