Why Women March


Today has been an active day on social media, with many people asking why the women were marching. I guess they have forgotten all the things that our new President said and did during his campaign, not to mention his behavior before that. Apparently they haven’t paid attention to a couple of people he has […]

Biblical Principles for Voting


For those searching the Bible for Biblical principles on voting in this presidential election… The Bible says:  Abortion or inflicted miscarriage is not considered murder.  Aliens deserve the same laws as everyone else – illegal or not.  We should be good stewards of the planet – so go green!   We are most Godlike when […]

Executive Order on Abortion


What an interesting turn things have taken today regarding the debates on health care reform.  The President has offered to issue an Executive Order restricting abortion, but many Republicans are now stating “live” on TV, that Executive Orders are useless. Really? NO! Executive orders do have the full force of law AND, the courts have […]

Population Explosion


The population in America should increase by over 130 million people in less than 45 years according to the census bureau. Not trying to sound cynical here, or pro-abortion, but I can’t help but wonder how abortion is playing into the big picture of those who are possibly very subtly trying to control the population […]

James Dobson


How long will Christians continue to listen to utter nonsense voiced by self-professed leaders such as James Dobson? Apparently, and HOPEFULLY, not much longer. This week, James Dobson attacked a speech made by Obama in 2006. Dobson claimed that Obama “deliberately” distorted the Bible “to fit his own worldview — his own confused theology.” HOGWASH! […]

Aborted baby says NO


A couple whose children are born with kidney disease decided to abort after having one child die shortly after birth, and another child seriously ill. But the baby did not go gentle into that good night. He survived the abortion. Fortunately, his parents are overjoyed at his survival and excited that even though one of […]

Rush decides who is republican


Even if you don’t listen to the Rush Limbaugh show, you are surely aware that he has been spewing out irrational comments regarding John McCain and his not being republican enough. Funny, he did the exact same thing to Arnold Schwarzenegger in March of 2007. Apparently, Rush and his ultra-conservative cronies are republicans first and […]



The latest numbers show that only 19 out of 1000 women have abortions. The statistics on abortions includes those that take the French abortion pill RU 486, now more commonly known as mifepristone. To put this number into perspective, I needed to find the actual population of women in the US. As of the 2002 […]