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About me and a brief disclaimer.

Hi. My name is Sandra Jane and I’m a blogger.

Sounds like I’m admitting to an addiction, doesn’t it?

Maybe I am. I’m addicted to writing and expressing myself with words. Actually, I prefer the written word to the spoken word, so I guess that’s a different type of addiction altogether.

I’m an opinionated blogger. If I wasn’t, I think the blog might be pretty boring.

For those who are interested, links to my blogs and social media sites are included on this page under “Connections.” I love connecting with like minded beings.


My Other Sites

As I take advantage of many social media and networking platforms, I discover and use many quotes and images. When possible and when available, I link back to the original source.

When creating small graphics and memes, I strive to only use images I created myself, or images in the public domain that are royalty free.

Having said that, if you have happen upon an image that is your original creation, please notify me and I will either remove the material or provide an appropriate link to your source for the material.

Living on a fixed income,  I reserve the right to publish advertising on my blogs for the purpose of nurturing prosperity.

If you’re interested in any of my services, please contact me or visit me at https://SandraJaneMedia.com.

Regardless of any religious or political advertising on my blogs, I am definitely a proud, bleeding heart liberal, who accepts all paths – or none at all.

I also support human rights and healthy environmental policies, which I write about frequently.


Thanks for visiting!

Sandra Cobb

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Thank you for your consideration. 

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