Republican Senators Afraid of Trump

Are Republican senators afraid of Trump? Based on what’s been happening since election day and the fact that no one can convince Trump to concede or even participate in a peaceful transition of leadership to President-elect Biden, I would have to conclude that yes, indeed, our Republican senators are afraid of Trump.

“Republican backpedals after saying he’d ‘step in’ if Biden doesn’t receive briefings” | US politics | The Guardian

Flip flop

So one day this Sen. Lankford is wanting the president elect to receive the president’s daily briefings by Friday. Less than 24 hours later he’s supporting Trump’s futile efforts to prove non-existent voter and election fraud. This is a total flip flop. Why?

Who’s afraid of Trump?

Is anyone else beginning to wonder if these people are receiving death threats if they do or say anything against Trump?

Trump is proving once again that it’s all about him and not about us. If he really cared about us as a nation of people, then president elect Biden would be participating in a proper transition process for the safety of our country.

I do realize that most of The Trump administration as well as our Republican senators and congress people, are afraid that Trump can ruin their lives if he is angry with them. But many have nothing hide, hopefully.

So, one might assume that Trump has gone so far as to threaten to ruin the lives of their loved ones. That is the only reason I can think of that a senator would choose to stand behind and support a man like Trump, rather than supporting, defending, and protecting their country, which they took an oath to do.

A proper transition would have already included President-elect Biden in the presidential daily briefings.

Biden is prepared

Biden is prepared. He knew this transition was not going to happen as it should. Actually, you can hardly even call this a transition because the current White House administration has done absolutely nothing that could be considered a transition of leadership.

Biden is in touch with people he needs to be in touch with, because he has taken the initiative, like the intelligent, well qualified leader that he is.

Yet apparently under pressure to clarify that he did not mean to suggest that Biden might have won, Lankford later tweeted support for the president’s pursuit of baseless voter fraud accusations.