Nursing Home Neglect

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AP News: Not just COVID: Nursing home neglect deaths surge in shadows

The article at AP News regarding nursing home neglect deaths is very disturbing. hopefully, the next administration will step in and provide the leadership, the guidance, the funds, and the strategy to resolve the epidemic of nursing home neglect during this pandemic.

Please keep in mind that this article does not describe every nursing home facility in the nation.

Many nursing home facilities are not short-staffed because they have stopped admitting new patients and therefore are not at full capacity. However, those that are at full capacity are definitely short-staffed and are having issues, resulting in a staggering number of nursing home neglect deaths.

It’s easy to blame the staff, but the real issue is that our government has not provided the extra attention that nursing home facilities across this nation have needed during this pandemic. They needed more funds so that they could maintain a proper level of staff, as staff were calling in sick or testing positive for covid-19.

One should also note that this does not mean that the numbers of covid-19 have been inflated due to the extra deaths at nursing homes. Once you’ve read the article you will understand that the excess number of deaths related to other issues is what has brought attention to this.