Cheater Cheater

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All this nonsense reminds me of childhood when after winning a game, an opponent started yelling “cheater, cheater,” when there was absolutely no evidence of cheating.

It’s time for change.

I think an overhaul of the election process in many of our states is necessary, but it’s been necessary for many years and it’s been ignored.

But let’s be clear… States can handle the election any way they choose, for the most part. In order to make changes to the way states handle counting ballots, the state legislatures need to change the rules.

Bipartisan presence of watchers

One of the things states have to comply with is the bipartisan presence of watchers. They are always present when the ballots are counted. Trump is claiming that Republican ballot counting watchers were not allowed a “meaningful presence” (whatever that means), but there is no proof of such an incident.

Antiquated rules

Now we are paying the price for the fact that some states have antiquated rules about counting ballots. Once upon a time, mail in ballots or absentee ballots only amounted to a couple of dozen or a couple of hundred ballots. That is no longer the case and the rules have not been changed to accommodate the growth of the population, and likewise, the growing number of voters. We have left the door open for Trump to claim fraud.

Let’s fix this!

Federal elections should have federal guidelines and rules separate from state elections. If that requires a totally separate ballot for presidential elections, then so be it.


It is worth noting, that most elected senators and congress people are not jumping on the cheater cheater Trump train. Senator Lindsey Graham is one exception. Most of the people supporting Trump in this false claim are no longer in office. Examples are Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Bannon. The actual news anchors for Fox News are not even jumping on this cheater cheater Trump train. Their entertainment show hosts are the ones fueling this train.

“The disinformation is coming from inside the White House.”

“President Trump and his allies have attempted to subvert the election by pushing the message that legitimate vote counting should stop. Trump’s false claim…”

Voting is our superpower!