QAnon and Evangelicals

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“Some talk about QAnon as if some messianic figure is at work.” Why such a thing would appeal to evangelicals is beyond my comprehension, but it appears to be a disturbing trend.

I never imagined a day when the words QAnon and evangelicals would have been used in the same sentence, but here we are, and it’s downright scary.

This is alarming.

One of the problems seems to be that many regular churchgoers have decided that they cannot trust the news media (simply because Trump said not to), which left many people wide open for a substitute. This provided a fantastic entryway for the the QAnon and Evangelical connection.

This is also alarming.

As the USA Today story (linked below) points out – while news media outlets may have a bias, it does not mean that their news is outright fake.

Allowing anyone to dictate which news sources are reliable and which ones are not, sets a very dangerous precedent for the United States of America.

It is my hope that people will once again start using their critical thinking skills and gather their news from various legitimate resources so that they can get a clear picture and work their way to the truth.

It is understandable that certain groups of people want to read opinions and stories that have been spun to suit their own agendas, but, it is imperative that we stay away from extremist sites that claim to be providing news when what they’re actually providing is their spin on a story, sometimes with lies, and always laced with innuendo, rumors, and exaggerations.

Reading and or listening to such extremists is only going to raise your blood pressure, and give you inaccurate information, which will cause you to mistakenly make the wrong choice or take the wrong view.

Make an effort to avoid fringe groups and stick to verifiable, honorable, reputable, legitimate news media sources as well as historically well-known institutions that provide important data and updates.

The future of our nation depends on it.