Law enforcement training

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Everybody wants the rioting and the protests to stop, but nobody seems to want to do anything about the situation that caused it.

Law enforcement training needs to be reformed.

Law enforcement officers need to be fired if they show any bias or prejudice in their attitudes or their actions – the first time.

Law enforcement officers need to be tested psychologically to make sure they are mentally fit to protect and serve ALL  citizens.

When law enforcement officers commit crimes they should be treated just like any other criminal and not sent home while they wait for 4-5 days to decide if they’re going to charge them or not.

Stop killing and mistreating people of color and the protests and riots will stop.

Stop telling the protesters to do it differently because differently has not worked.

Kaepernick taking a knee didn’t work. If it had worked, George Floyd would not be dead.

Think about what you would do if this was happened to one of your family members, or someone you cherish.

We need to wake up, and fix this mess with law enforcement.

And before you start accusing the protesters of being the rioters and vandals and starting fires, do a little research about what happened when all of this began in Minneapolis. Most of the people they arrested were from out of state and were associated with white supremacist groups.

Why? Because they’re fueling the flames so you’ll hate people of color even more then you apparently already do.

Make sure you gather all of the facts before you start demonizing people who have been humiliated, tortured, murdered, and insulted because of the color of their skin.