Mother Earth needs a break

I’d like to preface the following by saying that this statement – Mother Earth needs a break – in no way invalidates God / higher power / source. In fact, if you believe in such then you should also believe that science was also created, and likewise has provided innate survival skills to all living things, including the planet.

My intuition has encouraged me to believe that Mother Earth has allowed this global pandemic to develop, with the end result being the standstill of the planet, before we completely destroy her.

Peace. Be still.

Mother Earth needs a break.

Mother Earth needs time to rejuvenate.

Mother Earth needs time to heal from the torture that humanity has inflicted upon her.

Having said that, I would like to offer “some” proof below (there is much proof), that COVID19 has indeed given Mother Earth a pause, and the results are amazing.

The stillness of the planet is being recorded, or should I say not being recorded, by seismologists around the world. This new and sudden discovery, that we can actually measure the vibration of the Earth’s crust, will be valuable in the future because now we can measure human activity during a pandemic or other crisis.

Seismologists from around the world have been reporting noticeable changes in data coming from their highly sensitive equipment.

Brava Mother Earth!

Mother Earth