Elizabeth Warren Gets Things Done

Primaries are underway and it’s more important than ever to understand the differences between the Democratic presidential candidates.

There are many reasons I support Elizabeth Warren, but those reasons would be meaningless unless she has the ability to succeed in her endeavors once she enters the Oval Office.

I am confident in her ability to do that.

Elizabeth Warren gets things done.

Just take a look at the comparison below, featuring bipartisan support on cosponsored bills. The comparison includes Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar.

As you can see, Bernie has ZERO rankings due to the fact that he hasn’t even cosponsored enough bills and/or resolutions to be included in this particular statistic.

Bernie may have some good ideas, but he can’t get anything done.

We need more than good ideas. We need a president that can garner bipartisan support and implement meaningful structural changes.

That person is Elizabeth Warren – the best choice for ALL.

Warren works across the aisle – bipartisan support

Elizabeth Warren gets things done!

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Elizabeth Warren Congressional Record at Congress.gov

Elizabeth Warren debate master since high school.

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Elizabeth Warren, the best president money can’t buy.