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All of my favorite blogs in one blog reader – mission accomplished.

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I've just found a blog reader that allows me to keep track of my own blog, plus keeps all of my favorite blogs in one place! #bloggers Click To Tweet

I still love my original blog reader, but it has limitations. This article a brief synopsis of both.

The best blog readers

One of the things I love about WordPress.com is that they provide a reader which allows you to easily read my favorite blogs in one place, as long as they’re hosted at WordPress, like this one: SandraJToday.Wordpress.com.

The only problem is that I don’t post to that particular blog very often.

I have self-hosted WordPress blogs that seem to occupy more of my time, and therefore I have been searching for a reader to help with that, while also allowing me to claim my own blog.

Today I discovered Bloglovin and it looks promising. Reviewers are also impressed.

 If you are interested in recommending great blogs and posts to other readers, discovering new blogs and pulling together a collection of interesting things, then Bloglovin’ is the reader for you.  Read full review.


f you’re worried about them stealing or claiming authorship of your content – don’t be. It’s not an issue at all. Read the following quote from their website and then click over to read the article to put your concerns to rest. They send people to YOUR blog. It’s a great service – and it’s free.

How does Bloglovin use RSS?

Every day, Bloglovin reads millions of RSS feeds from all over the internet. When our computers find updates in your RSS feed, we read them and include them on our platform so that our millions of users can easily discover that content. We link directly to your original work and send readers to your website. This is very good for you as a blogger! Bloglovin uses RSS to help you!

  1. Bloglovin uses RSS to help more people discover your blog
  2. Bloglovin uses RSS to help your readers to never miss a post from your blog
  3. Bloglovin uses RSS to send traffic to your website.

All about BlogLovin’s use of RSS

I discovered this blog reader (BlogLovin) while participating in one of my groups over at MeWe.

Feel free to join us!

PS; Bloglovin also has apps for iPhone and Android! 

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