US Border Documents in English

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Why are US border documents in English, and only in English?

Has no one in the refugee or immigration offices heard of Google Translate?

Instead of having translators read forms to refugees and immigrants, why not have them in front of a computer screen where the US border documents in English can be translated into whatever their first language is, and then have them sign the form?

That would take less time and therefore be less expensive.

New Technology

If you’ve purchase a car lately, then you probably have first-hand experience with DocuPAD, which was designed primarily for auto dealerships. Surely this technology could be adapted for various solutions. Something similar to DocuPAD could be used for translating US border documents in English, into other languages, while providing  an easy to read display that translators can explain, if they need to do so.

DocuPAD is a shared-space interaction scenario where a customer can sit on one side and the presenter on the other and both can engage with the system.

Why hasn’t this been fixed?

Such a simple fix in this day and age, and yet, it is not happening.

There is no excuse for this egregious oversight, except for the actual reason, which is that they don’t care.

The 7 year old female refugee who died in US custody has brought attention to this detail. However, her family insists that she was being given food and drink during her journey. The hospital came to a different conclusion..

Regardless of how she became dehydrated, this sad event  made us aware that non-English speaking refugees and immigrants are having to fill out forms that they may not understand.

The child’s father indicated on such a form, that his daughter was in good health.

Hopefully this child did not die in vain. girl dies from dehydration

May the powers that be take every precaution to cherish all life, regardless of which section of the planet they were born.


Family Disputes Official Story of 7-Year-Old Guatemalan Girl’s Death While in Border Patrol Custody

I grew up in Christian home, and one of the first songs I remember learning spoke about all the children of the world, and how precious and loved they were in the eyes of Jesus.

Cherish ALL the children of the world.

What has happened to this teaching?    

What has happened to Christians?

What has happened to America?