America Strong: Stranger Raises $35k for Exonerated Prisoner

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Jonathan with attorneys


THIS is the AMERICA that
I Am proud to belong to.

Thank you Alex Sutaru and to all who heeded your call to help this man. The value of your life – and his – cannot be measured by dollar signs, but the love?

Alex Sutaru


America Strong: Stranger Raises $35k for Exonerated Prisoner:

When Alex Sutaru heard the story of Jonathan Fleming, a Brooklyn man exonerated after doing nearly 25 years in a New York prison for a murder he didn’t commit, he knew he had to act. “This is somebody that wasn’t guilty of a crime; he…

There is a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that has raised over $34,000 to help right this egregious judicial error that punished a man incorrectly.

And did you know?

One in 25 

Sentenced to Death 

in the U.S. 

Is Innocent, 

Study Claims

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