When Illegal Doesn’t Matter: US Uncut’s National Day Of Protest | The Nation

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Are corporations actually running the government?

It would seem so.

“In 2010, Bank of America handed out $2.2 million in campaign contributions to Congressional representatives and PACs (36 percent went to Democrats, 64 percent to Republicans). By throwing around that much cash, huge companies like BoA have a big say when it comes to crafting legislation that permits them to escape paying taxes, according to US Uncut organizer J.A. Myerson.”

“Bank of America hasn’t paid a nickel in federal income taxes for the past two years, and in fact raked in an additional $1 billion in tax “benefits.” The bank is enjoying these profits after accepting $45 billion from taxpayers, which the company then got to count as a deduction when they paid back the money.”

When Illegal Doesn't Matter: US Uncut's National Day Of Protest | The Nation

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