Missing the Farm

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Have you ever dreamed of the country life? You know, a farm, lots of land, chickens, goats, etc. It’s a nice life. I lived it for about five years.

Sometimes I miss the farm.

One of the cool and sometimes not so cool, things about living miles away from town, was that we always had a new supply of pets. People just love to dump their unwanted pets on country roads. We usually found homes for most of the dogs, but we kept almost all of the cats. We already had three dogs, so keeping more just wasn’t practical.

I had about two dozen cats and kittens at one point, all of whom came running to walk with me down the lane to the mailbox every day. It was such fun. We built a large deck out back and they all ate happily… their own private picnic… as if the deck was built just for them.

I am rambling on about this because I read a post over at “Life On a Southern Farm” which brought back all the memories. It’s a wonderful post, complete with photos of the hatching chicks, the sick cow, and… well just go see. It’s a great read.

*Link: “One Thing After Another”

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