Whatever happened to tolerance?

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According to most teens, anything they aren’t interested in is “lame.”

That’s the consensus at least among the ones that feel they absolutely must post on every topic under the sun.

How can we ever expect to have true tolerance of other races, religions and cultures if our youth have no tolerance of another person’s interests? Why do they feel the need to “put down” and mock other people who have different hobbies, interests, etc?

While I don’t believe we need to go all the way back to the times when children were meant to be seen and not heard, I do think a happy medium is long overdue.

Actually, I know a few adults who have the same problem. Their hobbies are outright ridiculous to me, but I never say anything like “grow up already,” which is what I’m thinking.

Yet they have no problem expressing the “lameness” of other people’s hobbies, even being so rude as to laugh at people who are interested in things they don’t understand.

Yep, we are certainly lacking tolerance – and wisdom – among all age groups.

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