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Steve Foss, prophet of God?

Never heard of Steve Foss until this week, when I stumbled upon a few blogs who have posted his prophecy regarding Obama, which was apparently “known” to him in the year 2000, but just recently sent via email to a select few who have wasted no time spreading the news.

The problem with prophets is that they can sometimes get their own “feelings” woven into the prophecy. Also, just as in the days of Jonah, a prophet’s vision will NOT come true if certain actions are taken. Today, too many people judge a prophet based on the actual outcome when actually, that should not be the case. But that’s another topic altogether.

I do NOT take the prophecy of Steve Foss literally.

One of the things he stated is that Obama would win the election, and that Obama would be an ungodly president. Hogwash.

I have NEVER heard a prophet (of God) condemn anyone by name. The whole idea is very disturbing to me.

My feeling is that Foss possibly “wanted” to believe that Obama would be ungodly when possibly the vision indicated ungodliness in Washington, DC. None of us would be wrong to say that there is at least some ungodliness among our representatives in Washington.

It is also possible that the “ungodliness” had to do with us as a nation, or with future events that may come upon us on our own soil.

As you can see, there are many possible outcomes to a prophetic vision. Unfortunately, the one prophesying doesn’t always understand the complexity of the possibilities.

I do not believe that God told Foss that Obama is ungodly. Period.

Meanwhile, fear mongering is still affecting the religious right, which keeps us from moving forward.

Bible 101: The opposite of fear is love. Love dispels all darkness and all fear. Now this love that can dispel fear and darkness is a deep love, a true love, and a righteous love.

What our nation needs now is just that – a righteous love for all of our American brothers and sisters, especially those in office.

Lesson learned?

Don’t believe someone totally and whole-heartedly based solely on their claim to be a Christian. Take it with a grain of salt and wait for the outcome.

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