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John Edwards
I was watching CNN yesterday as they were covering the story of John Edwards’ affair.

I was appalled – literally – at the number of callers, mostly female, who thought the media coverage wasn’t fair and that this matter should be kept “private” for his family’s sake.

Sorry ladies, but protecting his family was Dear John’s job, and he not only failed, he is the only reason they are being humiliated. I feel sorry for them, but the truth has to be told.

These ladies apparently have the attitude that “boys will be boys,” but that old adage should never apply to the MEN, not boys, who lend themselves to public service.

Since when do we consider leaders of the nation as little boys who can’t help but misbehave and cheat on their wives?

This is not about religion – it is about accountability, integrity, morality, trust and decency.

This was the ultimate act of betrayal, made even more disgusting because of the poor health of his wife who needed his support more than ever.

If men can’t stand loyal and true by their wives, the Mother of their children, when the wife needs them the most, then how can they be expected to be loyal and true to the core values of America?

His character is sorely lacking as is his self-control and moral compass.

It is time for us to demand a standard of morals and decency from those who would represent us in Congress, in the Senate, and certainly in the White House.

Once Dear John became a “public servant” and then proceeded to break his marriage vows and bring shame to his family, his behavior became fair game for the media.

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