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Nick Leibham
Nick Leibham may have found the way to a voter’s heart, offering 50 people gas for $1.27 per gallon.

I know it’s only 50 people, but other voters will appreciate the gesture also because it shows that he truly knows the hardship that many people are facing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more of our political candidates spent some of that campaign money on voters instead of TV time?

CANDIDATE OFFERS CHEAP GAS would certainly get my attention.

Nick’s a smart man, or at least he is smart enough to have hired a smart person to help him campaign.

Nick also found another way to subtly grab people’s attention by not telling you up front which party he is with. When you visit his website, you have to make a couple of clicks to determine his party affiliation. Meanwhile, you’re learning more about Nick, which appears to be all good. He has been a school teacher, a congressional aide, a prosecutor and now a practicing attorney in San Diego.

From Nick’s profile…

He hopes to move our country toward “an era of post-partisanship and return to civil engagement.”

I’m not in California, but even if Nick isn’t able to win this election, I believe he is someone we will hear more from in the future.

Thanks go to Vixen’s Den who blogged about receiving the low cost gas.

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