Death by Stoning

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Iran is still executing those found guilty of adultery and other sex crimes.

Death is by stoning.

Men are buried up to their waists.

Women are buried up to their chests.

Then the stoning begins.

The first stones thrown are not to be large enough to kill immediately.

Torture – that’s what is happening here.

Currently, there are eight women and one man who have been sentenced to death.

The women are accused of adultery, prostitution and incest. I can’t help but wonder if these charges are true, or if they are twisted to protect the men. The women range in age from 27 to 43.

The man is a 50 year old music teacher who had relations with a student.

Maybe we should sentence our pediphiles to life in Iran.

LINK: Read the full story at the BBC.

LINK: Learn how you can help Iranian women at

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