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How to place an Entrecard Inbox feed into your blog’s sidebar.

Several sites are offering use of their widgets to create a “you drop, I link” feature for entrecard droppers.

I have found a site that does it free, without forcing you to link to their site.

I am using the “classic” wordpress theme, so these instructions are for actually editing the html of my template. If you are using the new blogger, you can just follow the directions on adding a javascript widget after you get the code.

The “You drop, I link” feature of this can be misleading, because the links in the feed are coming directly from your inbox at Entrecard and will change according to droppers each day.

Here’s how to do it…

First, go to Feed2JS… This link will open in a new window…

Now, go to your Entrecard website and click on “Dashboard.”

At the top of the page you will see images of the websites in your inbox. To the right, you should see the little rss image. Hover over that image with your mouse pointer, right-click, and then click on “copy the url address.”

Now go back to Feed2JS and “paste” the url into the first URL box: web address of the rss feed. *You can also paste content by pressing the “ctrl” button and the letter “v” on your keyboard – at the same time.

That’s basically it, you’re done. You can also change some of the parameters of the feed by changing the default values.

Mine is set to:

  • show channel “title”
  • number of items to display “0” (shows all available – did not change)
  • show item descriptions “30” shows the first 30 characters of description
  • show item posting date “no”
  • open links in new window “yes” (this makes it easier to reciprocate the droppers

Now click on “Preview” to make sure it looks okay, then click on “Generate Javascript.” Copy the code and then paste it into your sidebar – as a widget on the new blogger, or as pasted into your template under the “sidebar” division.

Now, back to dropping I must go…

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