Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

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Obama’s speech was just unbelievable. How could you compare your relationship with a pastor who has radical views supposedly unlike your own, to your tolerance of your beloved grandmother’s views?

I have walked out of a few church services in my time when the pastor abused the authority of the pulpit. The authority of the pulpit is to build up the body of believers, teach them the word of God and bring the good news to the congregation in a manner that enhances their life.

The pulpit is NOT the place for radical personal opinions to be taught to sheep who will follow anyone, nor is it the place for hatred, cursing or anything other than what is mentioned above. Any pastor who is performing such self serving tyrades is not a man called by God to pastor a church, or if he is, he is grossly misusing his calling and will be brought to light eventually.

Such is the case with Wright. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the light is also shining on Obama and his true beliefs. An intelligent person will not allow such a misguided person to become their mentor. I knew Obama’s propagandized personna was too good to be true.

I would not listen to such garbage from a pulpit even if it was my brother or husband. I would not attend that church, I would not listen to their rants. I would remain true to my convictions.

I expect the same conviction and action from a leader.

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